Proposal & Objectives

Water Life Africa is an organisation founded by Stephen Obinna K. and his wife Daenne Obinna-Boeters to see how African Nations could be more developed by providing clean drinking water to so many rural areas in African Nations, which could be use to reduce the number of deaths on waterborne diseases.


Water is vital for human survival, health and dignity and it is fundamental for human development. The world’s fresh water resources are under increasing pressure. To note that fresh water is becoming more and more limited most of the people are affected by water shortage. A certain number of the river basins are shared by two or more nations. Water is becoming more polluted and can not sustain the ecosystem.


For the stichting to provide a potable water to rural village.

People get water from the stream polluted which increases waterborne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, and pregnant women travelling long distance to get water.


To improve situation in such village by providing portable water construct wells. 
To provide to the people the tanks for rainwater harvesting.
Here we can always use the local tanks and educate people on how to store water.
The stichting organisation will always organise a meeting with the water comittee to encourage the people on how to maintain the facilities.
Based on their income they can contribute little amount of money to maintain the services renderd to them.
Local authority should be involved in every of our project to motivate people on how to manage the new infrastructure.
During construction process our organisation use local people from the rural areas in order to create jobs more to the people.


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