Waterproject in Gasata 

Waterproject in Gasata cell Rwankuba sector Karongi, Rwanda

This project is being sponsored by ISW college in Poeldijk in the south of the Netherlands.

The first 5 pictures show the handing over of the cheque of € 5.000,00 to the member of Water Life Africa organisation and the students of ISW from Poeldijk in support of the Rwanda project in Karongi East Africa.


The pictures show the founder of Water Life Africa giving a group lesson with one her representatives engineer Noala Urwibuso Joyeuse, a master degree holder on water and enviromental sanitation IHE Delft in the Netherlands.

During the lession period the mayor visited the class room to have group pictures with us and gave more courage to our foundation to achieve our goals of reaching to those desperately in need of clean drinking water and sanitation. The total population of this community is 3292 in the sector of Gasata Rwankuba Karaongi.

Our organisation is looking for sponsers to assist the college to achieve their goal by carrying out this project.The total amount of 5000 thousand has being raised by the school, while we needed more 10000 euro for finishing. Your little support wil help the college and our foundation to round up this project.


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